Year 9 students remember the Kindertransport

75 years ago a rescue mission for Jewish children threatened by Nazi persecution in Germany, Austria and what was then Czechoslovakia was organised by Jewish organisations and sympathetic British politicians. A specially written play called ‘Suitcase’ which is touring train stations (where many of these children arrived from the continent) came to Hull Paragon on Thursday 14th November and 36 students from the school attended. Below you can watch the BBC Look North report and read what some of them said. As well as being an opportunity to increase the depth of their work on this subject, for many of the boys it was the first time that they had got so close to powerful acting, literally one or two feet away!

‘The play was split into many plays showing different parts of the Kindertransport. These included sibling separation and the cost of getting them. Some people did not want them here as they believed we were going to be over populated or thwy will take work. Others didn’t mind as long as it was a specific kind of child (such as male). It was very interesting and shows just how tough some children had it in WWII.’ Jack B

‘I think that the Suitcase performance was a really enjoyable educational trip giving me an extra insight into the past and extra information about that time. With this trip I think I was able to understand more about how different people felt and how they expressed their opinions, and how the children from lots of different countries tried to fit into Britain and how it was unfair towards them, with lots of people against them or for them’. Nathan F

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    very good

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    A report on the visit from one of our students, Corey R.

    I was invited by the history department to attend a performance of ‘Suitcase’ on Thursday 14th November. We travelled by coach from Beverley Grammar school to Hull Paragon station. The play was performed in the station because most refugee children arrived at their destinations via rail.

    The play was about children who were at risk from the Nazis that were allowed to come to the UK temporarily during the Holocaust. The refugees were German, Austrian and Czech Jewish children who travelled unaccompanied, most of which never saw their families again.

    It showed children waiting to meet their foster families. They were frightened and lonely. The children had tags for their suitcase, which contained their belongings. Some children were never collected by the foster families.
    Some children wearing the Jewish red star were discriminated against.

    I thought that the performance was a great way to see what the young people had experienced. It was very moving to see the work of the Kindertransportee and that they were trying to give children a chance of survival. The children were nervous and cold. I learnt that it must have been a very scary experience.

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    The students I’ve spoken to really enjoyed this and increased their understanding of the situation.

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    This trip was one of the best

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    the trip was really good loads of information given to us that were watching the little performances amazing!!!!!

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