Admissions & Catchment


Please see the document below concerning admissions arrangements for BGS from September 2019 onwards.

Determined Admission Arrangements 2020-21 – BEVERLEY GRAMMAR SCHOOL

Our Published Admission Number for 2018/19 is 140

Our Published Admission Number for 2019/20 is 140

Our Published Admission Number for 2020/21 is 140

Our Published Admission Number for 2021/22 is 140

Our Published Admission Number for 2022/23 is 140

Please note that our Published Admission Number for our current Y11 (2020/21) is set at 120

Admission Arrangements for the 2022-23 school year

The trust board of Beverley Grammar School determined the admission arrangements for the 2022-2023 school year on December 8 2020.  At this meeting the trust board formally approved the following admission numbers for the following schools:

  • Beverley Grammar School 140 places

Please see document above for the unchanged admissions arrangements

For detailed guidance on admissions please see the LA website

If you wish to find out about our admission arrangements through our local authority, contact the East Riding LA on 01482 393939

If you have a query about joining BGS please contact the school and we will be happy to talk with you

In-year admissions

Should you wish to move your son to BGS during the school year we recommend that you follow the local authority’s advice and speak to your child’s current  headteacher in the first instance. We also advise parents and their son to visit BGS before making an application. Mrs Elgey will be happy to show you round and talk to you about our unique ethos

Timetable for admissions appeals

  • June 2021 – hearings of admission appeals commence

Appeals relating to in-year admissions are held throughout the year


catchment area addresses can also be viewed here.