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IT Information

[expand title=”30GB of free online storage with Google Drive” rel=”it-highlander”]With your e-mail account comes 30GB of online storage in Google Drive. Ditch your memory sticks and store your stuff here, it’s available from any computer and is backed up securely. You can also use Drive to share resources with students.[/expand]

[expand title=”Contact students easily by e-mail” rel=”it-highlander”]All students have a BGS e-mail address which you can search for in your email by just typing their names. Please encourage them to use it by sending out info this way.[/expand]

[expand title=”Wi-Fi is available” rel=”it-highlander”]Wi-Fi is available for staff (and students) in key locations around the school (staff room, library, 6th form) and some classrooms. Teachers may want to encourage students to use their own devices on the wi-fi in classrooms for research![/expand]

[expand title=”Username & password synchronisation” rel=”it-highlander”]Your username and password synchronises across many of our services, computer login, e-mail, Wi-Fi etc.[/expand]

[expand title=”Book IT rooms” rel=”it-highlander”]Book IT rooms by using the Room Booking System (link also in the website footer). Log in with your e-portal credentials.[/expand]

[expand title=”Google Chrome” rel=”it-highlander”]Consider using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer as your internet browser. It’s faster and more reliable, works particularly well with BGS e-mail, and is installed on all our computers.[/expand]

[expand title=”Clickview for TV programmes in the classroom” rel=”it-highlander”]Use Clickview (link also in the website footer) to watch educational TV programmes and request anything shown on TV recently to be ‘saved’ into our library. Contact IT Support for more details.[/expand]

[expand title=”Discount on MS Office for staff” rel=”it-highlander”]Staff can purchase Microsoft Office (and Windows) for work at home at a significantly reduced price. Contact IT Support for info.[/expand]

[expand title=”Easily switch projector modes” rel=”it-highlander”]Use the shortcut ‘windows key + P’ in your classroom to switch projector modes as you teach. Using this shortcut, you can temporarily blank the display and switch between clone (default) and ‘extend’ mode, allowing you to display different content on the projector and monitor.[/expand]