Y10 Work experience

At Beverley Grammar School we feel that it is vital that all students gain an understanding of the world of work and have opportunity to develop skills that will enable them to transition smoothly to employment at some stage in the future.

For this reason, all Y10 students will undertake a week of work experience, from 1st – 5th July 2024.


As part of the process of developing skills that will be invaluable in the real world, students are expected to arrange their own work experience placements.

The process of organising a placement will be explained to students in bespoke Work Experience sessions in school.

Click the link  below to see the initial presentation that was given to all y10 students.

Work experience presentation

Once a student has identified a suitable placement, the form provided below should be completed by the parent and the employer, and returned to Mrs Darvell. This will then enable all of the relevant safety checks to be undertaken. These checks are carried out by an organisation called NYBEP (North Yorkshire Business & Enterprise Partnership) on our behalf.

Work experience form

In order for all of the necessary safety checks to be carried out, placements should be organised, and the form returned to school, by no later than Thursday 6th February 2024 to Mrs Darvell. 

To support our students in arranging these placements, Mr Hamshaw will be covering how to find and secure a placement in the Y10 Careers lessons. All students can find a range of support materials in their Careers Google Classroom, including a list of employers where previous students have undertaken their placements. Students with particular needs will be provided with bespoke support.

It should be remembered that if a placement in the precise area of work that a student  is interested in cannot be found, there are still many benefits to be had from finding a placement where there are skills required that would be transferable to the student’s chosen field.

For some employment fields there will be very high levels of students hoping to secure a placement, so to maximise the chance of securing a placement it is advised to organise this as soon as possible.

The rules around Health and Safety for Work Experience placements are very well defined, and a guide to this can be found below.

ABI guide to insurance and work experience.pdf

Please be aware that students will be expected to make their own way to their placement and follow the start and finish times required by the employer.

Students will be expected to dress accordingly for their placement and students will be expected to provide their own protective clothing for those work-places that require it.

Prior to going on the placement, every student will spend a full day covering a variety of topics to ensure that they gain the maximum benefit from their work experience.

During the work experience week students are expected to complete their work experience log. This log will be an online document and students will be able to access it through their Careers Google Classroom.

If you have any queries regarding work experience, please contact  Mrs Darvell, W.Darvell@beverleygrammar.co.uk