Assessment reporting

In years 7 to 11 we will be reporting to parents at key points during the course of the academic year.

This will allow teachers in those subjects to form accurate judgements on the level of effort and attainment of their students, and then to carry out any necessary intervention activities.

Please see the tables below for details of when assessments are collected and reports are available on SIMS.


On these reports you will see Attitude to Learning and Independent Learning alongside students’ Attainment and Target.

Attitude to Learning and Independent Learning will be graded on a 1 to 4 scale, where:

1 = Outstanding

2 = Motivated

3 = Coasting

4 = Poorly motivated


The criteria for each of the grades can be seen on the slides below.


In years 7 & 8 Attainment shows how well the student is meeting our subject-specific “Beverley Grammar School expectations”. In years 9 to 11 Attainment is a prediction of the grade the student would achieve at the end of the course if they continue to progress in the same manner as they are currently.

Please see the slides below for more details on Attainment grades and Target grades.


If you have any questions regarding the assessment system in use at Beverley Grammar School, please contact Mr Hamshaw, either by telephoning the school or emailing


Please see the Joint 6th website for details of the assessment system used in Key Stage 5