Design and technology

Subject Leader

Mr D Bibbington            


Mrs L Mulligan               

Miss S Carress                

Subject Content


Curriculum Content

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Design Skills and upcycling;

Hone the skills required to be a good designer including sketching and generating ideas, analysing existing products and evaluating your own work. Use these skills to design and make an upcycled product.

Sustainable design and scale models;

Understand the ecological impacts of design and ways to offset these consequences. Follow a structured design approach to design and build a scale model eco house. Use computer-aided design (CAD) packages to render final presentation designs. Understand sustainable building methods and power generation, model-making techniques and working to scales. 

Inclusive Design;

Employing user-centred design principles design and make a prototype assistive device for the disabled. Hone CAD modelling and 3D printing techniques to iteratively improve design ideas over time. 


Introduction to the workshop environment;

Health and safety, sketching skills, technical drawings, correct use of tools, accurate measuring and marking, basic woodworking joints.


Design and manufacture a working model rollercoaster. Understand the principles of motion and mechanisms, structural elements, costings and working to a budget. 

Cable Stay Bridge; 

Using industry-standard parametric CAD modelling software packages, design and create a model suspension bridge. Understand the principles of forces and structures, reading and producing engineering drawings, working to tolerances and the use of CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing) machinery.



Food safety, nutrition and healthy eating;

Practical skills covered include; basic knife skills, the rubbing in method, boiling and simmering, shallow frying, stewing fruit, creaming method, basic sauce making, food hygiene and preventing cross-contamination. 

Food science and provenance of ingredients;

Practical skills covered include; roux sauce, dough making and kneading, creaming method, thickening sauces, whisking and pastry making and shaping.

Food choice and special diets;

Religious diets, ethical choices, legislation, labelling and food intolerances

Practical skills covered include; laminating dough, using a bain-marie, seasoning, shaping pastry, filo folding and sealing, rolling and preparing enriched doughs


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