Information on the school’s attendance policy & procedures.

We would be grateful if all parents could read this important information, please click below to read more.

In case of student absence

To report your child’s absence please call 01482 881531  to speak to the Attendance Officer, Mrs Carole Feather.  It is important to try and call as early as possible on the first day of absence.

Procedure regarding late marks

The school day begins at 8.50 a.m. for registration.  If a student arrives after this time then they will be recorded as late and will automatically be given a late detention at break.  If a student arrives late after 9.45 a.m. with no valid reason then they will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Holiday requests

Beverley Grammar School encourages parents not to take family holidays during term time.  Requests for all holidays will only be authorised after a meeting has taken place with the Headteacher or a senior member of staff.  Each request is carefully considered.  To arrange a meeting contact the school on 01482 881531.

Unauthorised absence

As you may be aware all unauthorised absences have to be reported to the Local Authority.  If parents fail to provide the school with a reason why their child is absent then this will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.  Once a student has ten unauthorised absence sessions within a 13 week period, then this will incur a Fixed Penalty Notice warning which will be sent to the Education Welfare Service.

Beverley Grammar School does not benefit financially from any fines paid.

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