Results Day Information

Please complete this Final Decision Form by September 1st 2012 – this information is required by the school.

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Happy with your results?

If you have done well or better than expected then Congratulations – go out and enjoy yourself!

Confirmation of a place

Confirmation of university places take place following the release of summer examination results.  Once your university has received examination results and confirmed to UCAS that the results are acceptable they will send you a confirmation letter (AS12).  The letters will be sent from Wednesday 15th August.

Applicants who have met and exceeded the conditions of their conditional firm choice will have the option to try to find an alternative place, while still holding their original confirmed offer.  The process is called Adjustment.  The option to register for Adjustment will be displayed to applicants once their place has been confirmed (status has changed from conditional firm to unconditional firm (UF).  If you are not eligible for Adjustment then you are expected to honour your commitment or withdraw completely from this year’s application cycle.  You do not have the right to turn down the offer and deal with any other institution which recruits through UCAS.


If you want to use Adjustment, you will need to register on Track. The option to register will be displayed for all relevant applicants at the bottom right of the screen  ‘register for Adjustment’.  Only those applicants who have exceeded their original offer are eligible.

You have five calendar days to use Adjustment, from the day your offer becomes Unconditional Firm.  It is your responsibility to contact a university or college to discuss an Adjustment place.    There are no adjustment vacancy lists, but universities and colleges are encouraged to be open about potential vacancies on their websites.  When you contact a university you need to make it clear that you are applying through Adjustment and not Clearing (Clearing is for students who have not met their offer).  You may contact more than one university or college to discuss vacancies through Adjustment.  You will need to pay an additional application fee of £11 to use Adjustment. A ucas tv video guide to Adjustment can be viewed at

Remember that before deciding to use Adjustment, you must also consider non-academic arrangements such as accommodation and student finance.  These may be difficult to secure or there may be delays if changes are made at short notice.

You need to contact the university admissions offices as there are no Adjustment vacancy lists but universities are encouraged to be open about potential vacancies on their websites.  Make it clear when you contact them that you are applying through Adjustment, not Clearing.

Unhappy with your results?

  • If you haven’t done well – don’t panic! It is not the end of the world, although it may seem like it right now.  There are a lot of people who can help you.
  • Before you leave school today make sure you see someone to explain the problem and we will do our best to help or at least point you in the direction of someone who can.  If you do not feel like talking now, go home and come back after lunch when there are less people around.  Mrs Walters, Mrs Mayfield and  Miss Challis will be at The Grammar School all day.  The Beverley Youth Support Service will also be available to help you and you can also go to the Choices building on Norwood.

Where do you stand with your offer of a place?

Applicants can access their applicant records on the Track service at by entering their UCAS application number and Track username and password.  Track is updated several times during the day so that applicants can see changes to status of their applications. Applicants who have forgotten their username and password should contact the Customer Service Unit on 0871 4680 468.  This helpline will cost no more than 9p per minute and will be available as follows: 16th August 7.00-19.00, 17th August 8.00-19.00, 18th August 9.00-17.00, 19th August 10.00 -16.00, 20th -24th August 8.30-18.00, 27th August 10.0-16.00, 28th August onwards 8.30-18.00.

  • Use TRACK.  Make sure you have your username and password available.
  • If you know you have met the conditions of the offer there is no need to worry, but you may try to find an alternative place through the Adjustment process if you have done better than your offer.
  • If you are lodging an appeal against a result – ring the university or college immediately, do not wait for the outcome of the appeal.  
  • If you didn’t quite get the grades you wanted, check with your first choice to see if you could still be accepted.  You will need to quote your UCAS reference number, which will be written on any correspondence sent to you from UCAS.  Follow this up by checking with your insurance choice. Be prepared to be patient.
  • If you have failed to meet the conditions of either of your offers you may be offered a change of course/year, which will be sent on a letter AS12C.  You are not obliged to accept any altered offer and you have five calendar days to reply to the changed offer.  You can reply using track.
  • If there is no joy there is still a good chance that you could find another course through Clearing. You will automatically gain access to Clearing  as soon as you become eligible. There will be ‘Add clearing choice’ at the bottom left hand side on the Track screen. You can also find your Clearing Number on TRACK. You can apply for any course that has spaces.  You do not have to keep to the same subjects for which you first applied.
  • UCAS Helpline is 0871 468 0 468

 Official List of course vacancies:

  •  from 16th August to 20th September
  • The Telegraph – 16th, 17th, 18th, 30th, August and 6th September.

Financial Support – Student Loans

You should already have applied for financial help towards tuition fees and living costs.  If not, you should do so now.  If after applying for financial help, you will be attending a different course, institution or both, to those in your application, you must contact your local education authority.

For more information

Above all

Think carefully about what you are going to do, don’t make any quick decisions that you may regret but try to be positive.  It is not an easy time for you but things will get sorted out so don’t worry. Just contact me at school or via e-mail if you need some help. ( I will be in school all day on results day and the day after – Direct telephone number is 01482 678557

Debbie Walters