Our New Website

We hope you like the look and feel of our new website, please take a look around! It allows us to better communicate with you, our students, parents and alumni, and most importantly, to keep you up to date with what’s going on at Beverley Grammar School.

The homepage will be constantly updated with the latest and most important news stories and information, so please visit regularly! You can also have these stories delivered directly to you by following us on Twitter and on Facebook.

We also have a few great new features to share with you. The Gallery is in its infancy but will become a great collection of photographs from school events in Beverley and further afield. You will see also see these pictures included with the events as details of them are posted. Our new student-led Beverlonian magazine is also featured strongly here, with reports written by our students themselves appearing throughout the school year. Finally, but by no means exhaustively, we hope you find the new school calendar useful – just click on each event to find out more information.

As you browse, you will hopefully notice the option to comment on many of the stories that appear. We’d like to hear from you if you’d like to support our students, or just have something to share with us. Here might be a great place to start, we always welcome feedback and, although this site is still a work in progress, please make any suggestions you think would be helpful.