Olympic Films

At the end of the Summer Term, Beverley Grammar School held a special Olympic Week for our students. With a focus on the values of the Olympic Games, as well as school-wide participation in Paralympic sports, a number of cross-curricular activities resulted in some stunning work. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some of our students’ work. The first is an Olympic film created entirely by our students with a little help from Mark Richardson, English & Media teacher. Mark said, in his own blog containing media resources for his 6th Form students:

I think that this film is a really smart documentary. I helped with editing and narrative structure but ALL the filming and some editing was undertaken by lower school students. We have some serious talent in the lower school.

Mark also made his own film, aimed at an older audience and involves the teachers of BGS sharing their Olympic memories and considering the educational nature of the Olympic Games. We hope you enjoy watching them both.