A second language is a must!

On Thursday 6th December, Kerry Dobson from Routes into Languages came in to talk to Year 9 cohort about the importance of language learning. With Year 9 fast approaching choosing their options, Claire Groak wanted the students to realise the importance nowadays of studying a language at GCSE and beyond. Mrs Dobson works for Routes into Languages, a consortium of universities working together with schools and colleges, to enthuse and encourage people to study languages. She has previously come in to talk to the students and this is always well received.

The statistics were alarming and many of the students said afterwards that they would definitely be considering a GCSE in French, German or Spanish. Many hadn’t realised just how important a language would be even if they stay working in the UK or the skills they would acquire associated with learning a second language, such as improving communication skills, building on confidence, improved presenting skills, a better knowledge of English, as well as help with essay writing.

The talk was worthwhile and will certainly help the students with their options decisions to be made early next year!