‘Home Movies’ of the British Empire

Last term the Year 8 boys spent a significant amount of time looking at the impact of the British Empire in history.

As part of this some ‘home movies’ made in Nigeria just after the First World War were made available to them so that they could use editing software to create their own film. They therefore had to watch the full 28 minutes or so of footage, decide which parts would be useful and interesting and integrate their own researched information and ideas into their own film project.

The footage includes traditional tribal dancing and costume alongside scenes which demonstrate the impact (for good or ill) of the British Empire such as motorised transport, bridges and a school sports day.

Some students may at some stage be interested in a career in media and this sort of task which involves extensive research, thought regarding audience and purpose, preparatory viewing and selection provided very useful practice.

Some boys managed to make a film and their efforts can be viewed below.

A Video by Jack B