The Russian Civil War: Digitised

Year 10 have been studying the Russian Civil War 1918-21 and they were asked to make a digital presentation on it for homework. They discussed the skills, concepts and knowledge required to do this effectively so that they could reflect on how history at school is preparing them for life afterwards.

In these presentations, you will see evidence of an understanding of audience and purpose (of interactive games for example), ICT skills and a knowledge and appreciation of popular culture (May the Force be with you). All these things are very useful in terms of making an effective contribution to the 21st century workplace and society. By being creative in this way you will also notice how a good and growing understanding of the historical information is achieved.

A previous homework involved an understanding of audience and purpose in terms of historical novels and they have made dust jackets for a novel on Lenin.

Click below to see more of our students’ work on this topic.

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A video by Ben J & Tom B

A video by Josh F

Presentation by Harvey E

Interactive map by Nicholas I

Epic Win Mcdoodlemuffin – Kamen D

A presentation by Archie C

A presentation by Rauri S