Use of Deodorant Sprays on School Premises

Dear Parent

Please may I ask your co-operation in an important matter?

A number of our students have severe allergies to various allergens, one of which being aerosol sprays. In an effort to reduce the health risk to these students, the use of deodorant sprays on the school premises needs to be limited and very carefully monitored. It would be preferable for students wishing to use deodorants after PE and Games, to use roll-on deodorants, or similar.

I will be discussing this further with the students in assemblies after half term. I am sure you will agree that the safety of all our students is of paramount importance and hope that you will support me in this request.

Also, it has been noticed in recent weeks that a number of students are wearing black jeans. Please be informed that these are not allowed and all students are expected to wear the correct black trousers as outlined in the School Uniform Policy: White shirt, black sweatshirt with logo or plain black jumper, black and silver striped tie or house tie, black school trousers, black shoes or plain black trainers, plain black belt/hat. It is hoped to phase in v-neck sweatshirts and jumpers over the next couple of years.

Yours sincerely

Grahame Hodson