Valencia Trip 2013 – Important Information

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the Valencia trip March 2013 and to invite you to an important Valencia parents evening where I will give more details about the trip and travel arrangements. It is very important for all parents to attend this Valencia parents evening.

Firstly, can I start by thanking you for getting all the money into school and the medical forms. As a further part of the safety and organisation of the trip I would like to collect in all students’ passports and European Health Cards. The passport is for safe keeping and staff members will be in control of this so your son doesn’t lose it. The health cards are also vital for your son to travel and be protected if he needs medical attention while we are away.


Action: Please bring in your sons:

  • Passport, and
  • European Health Card

to school on the Valencia parents evening Wednesday 27th February. If you have a photocopy of any of your own travel insurance this would also be useful to bring.

N.B. If you need to apply for your sons European Health Card (EHIC), do so for free at, be mindful that other websites may try to charge you. Please apply for this very soon because it takes time to arrive.

Secondly, as I detailed above I would like to ask you to attend a Valencia parents evening for all students and parents involved in the Valencia 2013 Trip. It is vital for me to go through all the details of the trip, itinerary, what your son needs and the protocols we have set out. On the evening I will also be giving out an information booklet, so if you are unable to attend your son must collect an information booklet from me to bring home.

Action: Please attend the Valencia parents evening on Wednesday 27th February at 6.30pm to 7.30pm in the school hall, and collect a parental information booklet about the trip.

If your son has had any recent medical or dietary issues that you haven’t already informed us about please bring the information to the Valencia Parents evening or contact the school.

As a reminder here are the flight details. I will give out further information regarding travel arrangements and expected arrivals etc. on the Valencia parents evening:


OUTBOUND – Manchester (T1) > Alicante

23rd March 2013 departing 0640/arriving 1025hrs

EasyJet Booking Reference Number EKCMFQM(40)


INBOUND– Alicante > Manchester (T2)

27th March departing 1810 / landing 1955hrs

Monarch Airlines Booking Reference Number UYPRFA(54)

N.B: We depart and arrive back at different terminals in Manchester.

Travel from Beverley to Airport: We will be setting off by coach (Acklams 57-seater) to Manchester airport from Morrison’s car park, Beverley. Please, arrive at Morrison’s car park with your son and his luggage between 1.30am to 1.45am. Please do not arrive any earlier so that we are not unduly disturbing local residents or any later to ensure we get a prompt departure.

At the Valencia parents evening on Wed 27th Feb there will be more copies of the baggage restrictions and suggested kit lists for the trip. In the meantime make sure your son has at least two sets of football clothes, kit and a pair of football boots in good condition.

N.B. Astro turf trainers or rubber moulded boots will only be allowed. Metal studded boots are not allowed on the training surfaces.

Lastly, as I mentioned a sample itinerary will be discussed at the Valencia parents evening along with a guide on how much spending money to take. The opportunity to watch a professional game is still a good prospect but we are dictated by the Spanish FA and TV for when the game will take place. The approximate cost of a ticket and travel to watch a game, for example Villarreal, will be between £30 – 40. However, a decision on this will not be until a week or so prior to departure.

That leaves me to say thank you for your continued co-operation with the trip and I look forward to seeing you at the Valencia parents evening on Wednesday 27th February.

Please come along armed with any questions/queries for that evening and do not hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards

Matthew Scott (Teacher of Science and Learning Coordinator Year 9)