Creative History revision

GCSE-History-Revision-Cold-War-Truman-DoctrineDuring their history GCSE, students are encouraged to be creative in terms of the idea of audience and purpose, and producing resources which they and others can revise with. Not only does this increase their historical knowledge and understanding, it also allows them to practice the skills necessary for many careers. The ability to communicate complex information in an engaging and accessible manner is one of those vital skills.

Below are some examples including some of Jack Ellis’s very individual thoughts on the Cold War, terrorism and the Iraq War. You can also sample some of an uncompleted project by Oli Hulme, Conor Spilsbury and Connah Thompson on the Cold War. This includes their own personal take on History department mantra on metacognition, as well as the importance of moustaches in modern world history.

Also, get your dancing shoes on with Tom Gardiner, Mark Wright and Michael Dixon.

Jack Ellis – Cold War

Jack Ellis – Successfulness of Terrorism

Jack Ellis – Consequences and Significance of the Iraq War

Jimmy H and Louis S – DORA

Tom G Mark W Michel D – USSR

Oli H Conor S Connah T – Cold War