Visiting theatre company provides French drama!

On Thursday 11th July, all of Year7 were treated to a French play in the Drama Studio. Mrs Groak thought that it would be a nice end of term treat for the year7 group, who have been studying French since starting at BGS in September, to put to use the skills they have been taught!

The play was provided by a company called Onatti who specialise in performing plays in target language to students in Key Stage 3 or 4 in French, German and Spanish. There were 2 actors, one who acted in English and the other entirely in French (she was actually French, so that helped!).

The play lasted 45 minutes and invited audience participation and all the boys were taking part, cheering and jeering when requested and laughing throughout.

The storyline was about 2 pen-pals, both thinking the other is of the same sex as themselves, until Tony visits France to stay with Renée who is actually a girl!

The feedback from the staff and students afterwards was extremely positive and it is certainly something we would look to do again for other year groups and different languages!