Physics Olympiad

Four Y8 Physicists went to St Peters School York on Wednesday 19th June. They took part in a series of 5 challenging activities and very tricky Physics quiz. There were 35 schools at the event and our Y8 boys: Matthew Wastling, James Quigley, Nathan Fish and Tristan Gray, came out 3rd in the overall event.

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The tasks ranged from building the highest lego tower to hold a box of 12 creme eggs, build the longest rollercoaster for a ball bearing, create the fastest solar boat, measure the density of 10 household objects only using a meter ruler and a displacement can, and lastly, score the highest points on hitting a target using an elasticated firing mechanism.

Not only that the boys had to tackle the ‘Fermi Quiz’ which involved questions such as, ‘How many dice would it take to cover the entire surface of the Monaco Grand Prix Track?’ and ‘How far do you (and the Earth) travel while you are asleep?’.

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The day was made even better by the incredibly well organised event, the friendliness of St Peters School and sixth formers, and the amazing prizes the school gave out for each student participating (not just winning). Thank you St Peters School. And well done boys!

Mr Scott