Showcase 2013

Stylish, slick, and finishing on time. Was this the real Showcase?

As the staff band and 50 students filled the school hall with the sound of Fleetwood Mac’s hit Don’t Stop (thinking about tomorrow), our Grand Finale, at 9:30pm on Thursday 11th July, it struck me that this Showcase had passed in significantly more of a blur than usual! It was a fitting song, as the school looks to the future, and this concept of progression was exemplified in the backstage crew that made this evening run so smoothly. So, unusually, I will start with praise for the non-performers; Paul Rodley (Stage Manager), Caleb Lucas (lighting), and Mr. Dan Robinson (sound) were all exemplary and well complemented by Jaidon Rymer, Sam Kelly and Will Clay.

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This sterling effort allowed the performers to come to the fore, and what a show they put on for a full school hall. The usual theme of a variety show with the atmosphere of a rock concert was very evident despite the show featuring many younger students performing. Their amazing talent bodes well for future Showcases, with every student involved, without exception, raising their game for the evening. A few personal highlights – Isaac Binnington’s accomplished Violin playing belied his years, and the Y9 band ‘Iron Fist’ made light work of heavy metal classics from Deep Purple. As always, Angus Lamb (Y12) played his 7-string baritone guitar with unbelievable technique, and Katie Evans & Joey Langfield (Y13) sang excellently in their last showcase. They will both be missed by BGS.

Photographs from the evening can be viewed below. See you again next year!

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