Stargazing: Live

stargazinglive11On Friday 10th January, myself and fifteen Year 10 students made our way to York, St Peter School. We have enjoyed many exciting lectures before at this school and have formed a great partnership. In the summer four Year 8 boys came 3rd at the Physics Olympiad.

For the Stargazing Live event we enjoyed a number of exhibits and astronomy demonstrations including a large cosmodome. Later in the evening the students were treated to an exhilerating lecture on ‘A journey through the Cosmos’ given by Mark Thompson (Stargazing Live Presenter). We heard of the wierd and wonderful in our own solar system along with fabulous stories about the galaxy and universe we live in.

The boys were transfixed by Marks fantastic tales of the planets and stars along with incredible images of our nearby and far away universe.

The behaviour and interest of the boys highlights their commitment to the exciting frontier of cutting edge science.

Bring on the next lecture!

Mr Scott