Accelerated Reader


In September year 7 students were introduced to Accelerated Reader, a scheme where students are tested initially to check their reading level, then introduced to a range of quality books which they read and then take a quiz on.

Students are expected to read for a minimum of 15 minutes a day as part of their homework and they spend one lesson per week in the library when they can read, change their books or take a quiz.

We have been very pleased with the response from the students who became slightly competitive as the term progressed. 7M won first prize in November for the most words read with 1,880,146 but were overtaken by 7B in January with an impressive 3,122,304.

Two students, Harry Battle and Jude Bache have reached the goal of reading over one million words each.  They will receive their medal from Chris Bradford in February.

Reading for pleasure improves students’ literacy and encourages imagination.  Although the scheme has only run for a term, we have been impressed with the progress the students have made.