Prowdes Educational Foundation

Of interest to all, but especially if you are in the 6th Form (but sorry girls!!!)

I have been asked by East Riding Councillor Helen Green to make known the existence of a Charitable Trust aimed at helping boys in the East Riding further their careers and life experiences. It is called Prowdes Educational Foundation, but I am afraid I don’t know its history other than to say it is run to fulfil the instructions of a ‘last will and testament’.

It is open to boys and young men up to the age of 25, living in East Yorkshire (and also North Yorkshire and Somerset). One off grants are given for educational purposes in the widest sense, including postgraduates, for fees, uniforms, other school clothing, books, equipment, instruments, study or travel abroad. The average grant to the individual is £450.

My son has benefited from the Trust and this has helped to pay for very necessary and added expenses of a music college education – audition travel expenses, a suit, various accessories for his trombone. He is most grateful to the Trust for their support.

If you’d like further details, please contact Councillor Helen Green – for further details of eligibility and application details.

Mrs Leonard