146 students pass their Arts Award!

artsaward146 students passed their Arts Awards on Friday! Two moderators spent hours at Beverley Grammar School assessing all 146 portfolios of work. Both moderators were very complimentary of students’ work. They were impressed to see some skills being taught that they had never seen before, and that students had chosen interesting Arts Heroes, which they didn’t know about.

Year 7 students have been working hard over the past few months to fulfil the criteria of the Bronze Arts Award. They have completed four projects to do this:

– Part A: Participating in the Arts. Students worked with a vocal animateur for 2 days to improve their vocal skills, before singing in the Carol Service.

– Part B: Reviewing an Event. Students watched a performance by the band, ‘The Silence’ and then reviewed their performance before sharing this with others.

– Part C: Arts Heroes. Students researched a band or musician that they liked and created a poster, giving information and opinions about them.

– Park D: Sharing a Skill. Students planned a teaching session for their peers in which they shared an artistic skill. These ranged from drumming to unicycling to cartoon drawing.

Two Sixth Form students also completed their Silver Arts Award. This is a much larger qualification which asks students to improve an arts skill over a long period of time, review arts events and educational opportunities in the first unit. Then, in the second unit, students must organise a series of lessons or an event within the arts. For this Award, one student improved his drumming to a grade 8 standard for the first unit, and reviewed local events and degree courses. The other student organised and ran a Photography Club for BGS students. These are fantastic achievements!

All of the students involved have worked really hard to achieve their Arts Awards, and are to be congratulated on their achievements. These are nationally recognised qualifications, awarded by Trinity. Certificates will be awarded when they arrive in School.