Year 9 students explore Yad Vashem

Last summer, the Beverley Grammar School history department participated in a study-visit to the leading research and commemoration centre on the Holocaust in Jerusalem, Israel – Yad Vashem.

Using photographs and information from the site, Year 9 were tasked with making a digital presentation on the memorial to the Jewish communities destroyed in the Holocaust, or on the work of the centre in commemorating the contributions of ‘Righteous Gentiles’ who risked their lives in most cases to help Jews under threat from the Nazis.

In the first case, students were encouraged to reflect on the significance of the Holocaust in terms of engaging with the history of the Jewish people and their communities before they were destroyed. The work on the ‘Righteous Gentiles’ allowed them to consider the options available to people caught up in events such as this and the moral issues concerned.

Righteous Among The Nations Corey C
Yad Vashem James Q
Yad vashem Tom A