A fond farewell to Year 13


After two very intense years our time at Beverley Joint Sixth Form has come to a close and now all we can do is wait in trepidation and excitement for results day in August.

Through our time at the school we have all changed dramatically, not only are we hopefully more knowledgeable, but also wiser and ready for the challenges ahead of us, be it university, apprenticeship or even working life.

It will be sad to go off into the world as we have all become a tight-knit group during our time at the joint sixth and are sure to miss each other immensely as well as the teachers we leave behind who have guided and supported us so much.

This being said we could hardly finish on a better note than the year thirteen prom. Taking place at Cave Castle the entire evening was thoroughly enjoyable and a great success thanks to the hard work and dedication of the prom committee team who managed to decorate the dining room, book DJs, organise gifts and prepare elaborate three course meals (whilst simultaneously trying to cram in all their revision as well) so that by the 25th June the place looked stunning.

The beauty of the venue’s grounds were also put to good use as we had a whole variety of photographers taking picture after picture of us in our finest clothes, many of which have made their way into local publications such as the HU17.NET magazine.

It was also a great way to pay tribute to our sixth form staff, Ms Challis, Ms Cooper, Ms Gardiner and of course Mrs Walters who, after many many years of continuous effort, has finally left for retirement. Without them we all, as a sixth form, would be completely lost and it is only thanks to their utmost care and patience that we’ve come through unscathed.

It has been an absolute pleasure being part of the Beverley Joint Sixth Form and I will always look back on it with fond memories and hope to keep in touch with all the friends that have become such a major part of my life. I wish the best of luck to the next year of year thirteens and year twelves alike and can only hope that they enjoy their time as much as I have.

Tristan Browning
Headboy 2014-2015

For more information about Beverley Joint Sixth, visit their dedicated website at http://beverleyj6.co.uk