Young Musician 2015


Students from a variety of year groups competed in the annual ‘Young Musician of the Year’ competition on Thursday 19th November. Students in years 7-9 competed for the Junior title, and students in years 10 and above competed for the Senior title. They were judged on their performance skill and presentation by Mrs Rebecca Leeson (Director of Music at Scarborough College); Mr Neil Fox (Old Boy, former BGS teacher and local drummer); Mr Gavin Chappell (Headteacher).

The Junior category included an eclectic mix of performances from a highly accomplished jazz clarinet piece, Talking the Talk, by Jude Bache, to Connor McAteer’s entertaining version of an Avicii track, Waiting for Love. The Senior competition was also fantastic, with a range of excellent performances, making judging very difficult! After 45 minutes of deliberation, the results were announced:

Junior Runner Up – Dom Brown (drum kit)
Junior Winner – Ben Keightley (electric guitar)

Senior Runners Up – Eire Lavery (ukelele and voice) and Harry Ballard (electric guitar)
Senior Winner – Isaac Binnington (violin)

Overall Winner – Ben Keightley

Ben’s performance of Far Beyond the Sun by Yngwie Malmsteen was said to be highly accomplished, by a natural guitarist. It kept the judges both mesmerised and entertained throughout. All of the boys involved gave wonderful performances on the night – well done to you all!

Mrs Hughes