Headteacher’s blog: the first one

GC SqWelcome to the first Headteacher’s blog.

It is my intention to update this particular section of our school website on a regular basis.

Hopefully it will serve as an extra layer of information about what is happening within school but it certainly will not be comprehensive. Please see the news, Beverlonian and social media sections of the website for more detailed information about BGS.

I will also, from time to time, refer to changes that are happening within education at a national level that may impact upon our school and students. Please rest assured, however, that my intention will be to inform rather than offer my opinion (bore you!).

One short, fantastic piece of news this week to kick things off. Our United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) team challenge squad won the regional finals. In order to do this the team of 4 (2 Y8 and 2 Y9 boys) beat 12 other teams including several from independent schools.

The boys will now represent the school in the national finals to be held in London in June.

The challenges are designed to promote mathematical dexterity, teamwork and communication skills. It comes as no surprise to me that our boys are able to compete at a national level with other schools in these areas as our maths department encourage our students, on a daily basis, to work together in order to solve complex and challenging problems.

Thank you to team manager and coach, Mrs Ryan.