BGS students engineer electric racer


Beverley Grammar School has reinvented the STEM club which focuses on Science, Technology , Engineering and Maths.

This was an incredibly popular activity culminating in two of the students being invited to London to present their projects where they scooped the student award as the project most favoured by other competitors.
Now eight students have enrolled onto STEM’s replacement, the Greenpower Club. Students have the opportunity to compete in a local race but with a twist. They first need to design and build the electrically powered vehicle they will race. Pupils have been working as a team to fabricate the frame of the roll cage, and are now working on how to make the body panels.

They have enlisted the help of a local engineer, Mr Simkin, who has experience in building kit cars along with Mr Oldridge, who runs the club. Together they will be looking to local businesses to help with the manufacture of the body panels and aim to race the car in the regional competition in the Summer.

To support this, Beverley Grammar has made a significant investment in a kit car. Head of DT, Mr Bibbington is convinced this is a worthwhile investment. “More and more, we are seeing reports that Engineers are in short supply. If we can enthuse just one student into this extensive field, it will have been a worthwhile project. In the meantime, the boys are just enjoying getting their hands dirty.”