History Needs YOU!

The History department at Beverley Grammar School is looking to build up a bank of resources for our local history projects and in doing so build stronger links with the local community and collect a priceless resource and record for future generations.

We are therefore asking if any grandparents, great grandparents and indeed other relatives and friends of our students families would mind if they were interviewed by the students about any aspect of Beverley and the surrounding area’s past.

We would be particularly interested in hearing the recollections of local people concerning the Second World War as well as industries such as shipbuilding on the River Hull but anything of interest would be welcomed.Regarding the Second World War, the memories of people who served in the forces or whose war work took them away from the area would of course be of great interest.

If anybody has any interesting documents that could be scanned into a computer those would be welcome too. Tom Elvidge in 8F is completing a local history project and he and his mother interviewed his grandad Peter Mendham about Beverley in the past. You can view some of the resulting footage below, and this will give some idea of the sort of things that could be contributed. If you would like to take part in this project please contact Peter Morgan at school on 881531 or p.morgan@beverleygrammar.co.uk