A Message from the Head Boy & Head Girl

…from Chevan Ilangaratne 

Sixth Form has gone incredibly fast! There is just one set of summer exams to go until the rest of Year 13 and I (results permitting) complete our A- levels, and look to enter a new phase of our lives. Head Boy ship has been fun, hard work at times, but fun. From the public speaking opportunities at award ceremonies/ open nights, to the festive Christmas Carol concert readings at the Minister Church – it has been an interesting journey thus far. It’s not over yet though; my three legendary accomplices (also known as Evie, Alice and Harrison) and I have the duty of organising the end of year prom, as well as sorting out the ‘Year Books’ and  ‘Leavers Hoodies’ .  The prom, for all those concerned will take place at the Willerby Manner Hotel on the 3rd July – we hope it will be a majestic evening of celebration and sentiment. Fingers crossed the weather behaves itself on the night!

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That said there are other things that will hopefully take place before the end of the school year. Student Voice meetings between Years 12 and 13 look set to reconvene with hopefully a wider variety of Sixth Formers. The two Student Voices are looking to unite as one group in an attempt to improve what is already an exceptional sixth-form college.  One can’t help think that as a Sixth Form we should do more for charity. Perhaps a themed charity event between Year 12 and 13, could be a hit? Certainly at the next Student Voice meeting, I will look to address issues such as this, amongst other things.

Thanks for reading; I will leave you with my favourite quote.

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice”.

Cringe worthy, but true.


…and from Evie Prescott

Hello everyone! First of all I would just like to thank everyone who voted for me in the Head Girl Elections, it is much appreciated, and congratulations is definitely in order to Chev, Harrison and Alice! The speeches afternoon was really enjoyable and all the candidates did brilliantly – we have such a great year group that are willing to represent the school and Sixth Form extremely well! Despite the four of us who got the titles, are a large team of us working together to achieve the best that we can regarding the school and its issues, so I enjoy that!

Our role started in the summer term although we were not official until September. One of the first issues that was raised was Beverley Grammar School becoming an Academy, which it now is. Other ideas in the pipeline are 6th Form lunchtime teams to dedicate themselves to a certain classroom during one lunchtime a week, to help and advise students if they need it, fundraisers for charities (and possibly for 6th form facilities) and an improved text system for students who have cancelled lessons and are reliant on public transport! Any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to track me down! So watch this space…

This article is an extract from ‘The Joint Sixth’ – our Sixth Form student newspaper.