Visit from author Gill Lewis

On Thursday, 3rd November 2011 author Gill Lewis was welcomed to the school. Year 7 students have been studying Gill’s book ‘Sky Hawk’ which tells the story of young osprey in Scotland and their migration to Africa. Gill worked with year 7 students answering questions about her work as an author and the process of writing her book ‘Sky Hawk’; she also led a creative writing session with students from years 7,8 and 9.

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7S produced some fantastic Osprey inspired art work which impressed Gill so much that she asked if she could put them on her website.‘Sky Hawk’ has been shortlisted for the Red House Children’s Book Award. To vote for ‘Sky Hawk’ visit Gill had this to say about her visit to Beverley Grammar:

“This was a great visit, meeting year 7s to talk about ‘Sky Hawk’ and to take some writing workshops. There were really interesting questions too, especially about the background of some of the characters in Sky Hawk. We got talking about how a writer has to know all the characters in a book, even the minor characters.

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The students were asking about Iona’s mother’s background. Although I knew Iona’s mother’s history in my own mind, I could only give clues in the book because the story is told from Callum’s perspective and he doesn’t know the full story. He only picks up prejudiced comments from adults and also learns about her from his own observations. It was interesting that the students had understood Iona’s Mother’s background from the few details in the book.

I was especially struck by some truly fantastic art work on display around the school and was even more amazed to be shown some beautiful pastel on paper Sky Hawk illustrations completed by students in a single lesson.

So thank you to Beverley Boys Grammar school for a great day (and school dinner!…Ah! Times have changed since I was at school!)”

Mrs Hambleton & Gill Lewis
from the Beverlonian (Autumn 2011)