6th Form students mark Holocaust memorial day

During the Spring Term, history students from the Beverley Joint Sixth Form took it upon themselves to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day in a particularly proactive way.

Over the course of the week Jacob Hill, Katie Hird, Daniel Allison and Ellen Starkey delivered no less than 5 assemblies to younger students from Years 7 to 11 at Beverley Grammar School.

In order to do this in an engaging way, they first made a video in which staff, and students of all ages were asked some important and sometimes difficult questions about the Holocaust and, most importantly, the way in which the terrible events are remembered today.

The interviews, which can be watched in full below, raised some thought provoking issues and ideas in themselves, which hopefully left our students with questions of their own, and a subsequent desire to delve a little deeper into the study of the Holocaust.

Delivering an assembly is a daunting task in itself, and we congratulate Jacob, Katie, Daniel and Ellen in delivering such a difficult and emotive topic successfully to a broad range of students.