Subject Leader

Mrs E Fraser             


Mr N Broughton    

Subject Content


Curriculum Content
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Term 1 Foundation

Core: Drawing

Key Skills: Discussing artwork, tone, shape, dry materials.


Core: Fine Art, sustained project

Key Skills: Proportion, tone, developing ideas, working with artists, ambition

Alberto Giacometti, Jean Michel Basquiat

Animals in Art

Core: Art History, independance

Key Skills: Expressing complex ideas and imagery, analysing images and ideas, sculpture 

Chauvet Caves, Chauvet Caves, Vanitas, Sally Matthews, WWF

Term 2 Beetles

Core: Experimentation- Christina Drejenstam

Key Skills: risk-taking, selecting, annotating own work


Core: Illustration

Key Skills: mark-making, illustrators, refining ideas.

John Kenn Mortensen, Jon Klassen.

Street Art

Core: Graphics

Key Skills: employability, lettering, design devices

Dain, Pop Art Movement

Term 3 Landscape                                       Core: Painting- David Hockney, Vincent Van Gogh     

Key Skills: Mark-making, layers, colour-mixing, proportion.


Core: Perspective

Key Skills: technical drawing, experimentation.

Ian Murphy


Core: Relief

Key Skills: recording, construction

Assessment system

Art Assessment Grid





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