Design and technology

Subject Leader

Mr D Bibbington            


Mrs L Mulligan               

Miss S Carress                

Subject Content


Curriculum Content

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Introduction to the workshop environment;

Health and safety, sketching skills, technical drawings, correct use of tools, accurate measuring and marking, basic woodworking joints.

Eco house project;

Use of computer aided design (CAD). Rendering final designs. Ecological and sustainable building methods and power generation. Model making skills. Working to scales. 

Night mood light;

Identifying circuit components, correctly populating and soldering components into a printed circuit board (PCB). Using batch production methods/jigs to manufacture a wooden frame and base for the product. Design styles and movements of the 20th century. Using design styles as inspiration.


Touch torch;

Making a working PCB and soft touch torch. Prototyping circuit designs using computer simulation software, using breadboards for testing, soldering and basic manufacturing skills to create a housing for the product. 

Model Siege Weapon;

Design and manufacture a working model siege weapon. Types of motion and mechanisms, structural elements, types of timber, accurate making skills including joinery, costings and working to a budget. 

Bottle opener; 

Industry standard CAD modelling- parametric CAD software packages, reading, understanding and producing engineering drawings, working to tolerances and basic metalworking skills. 



Food safety, nutrition and healthy eating;

Practical skills covered include; basic knife skills, the rubbing in method, boiling and simmering, shallow frying, stewing fruit, creaming method, basic sauce making, food hygiene and preventing cross contamination.   

Year 7 Ingredients Lists

Food science and provenance of ingredients;

Practical skills covered include; roux sauce, dough making and kneading, creaming method, thickening sauces, whisking and pastry making and shaping.

Year 8 Ingredients Lists

Food choice and special diets;

Religious diets, ethical choices, legislation, labelling and food intolerances

Pasta making, separating eggs, beating and stiffening, drying, using a bain-marie, seasoning, shaping pastry, filo folding and sealing, binding and forming meatballs, rolling and slicing doughs, hot holding stock and risotto making.

Year 9 Ingredients Lists


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