Design and technology

Subject Leader

Mr D Bibbington            


Mrs K Dunkerley            

Mrs L Mulligan               

Mr R Oldridge                 

Subject Content


Assessment system

D&T KS3 Grade Descriptors 2016 (Y7)

Year 7 overview


  • Sketching Skills
  • Focussed practical skills building tasks
  • Introduction to basic workshop tools and practices


  • Introduction to electrical systems and designing circuit boards
  • Design of a touch sensitive torch and casing


  • Health, nutrition and basic food hygiene
  • A range of savoury and sweet dishes are also cooked to build students practical skills.
Year 8 overview


  • Introduction to sustainability and the importance of ecological design
  • Understanding of a design brief and specification and how these influence the design process
  • Introduction to plan views and elevations
  • Introduction to CAD software skills using introductory packages
  • Design and manufacture of a scale model of an ecological house of the future


  • Introduction to the concepts of;
    • mechanisms,
    • forces,
    • motions,
    • material properties
  • Understanding of orthographic projection and manufacturing specifications
  • Consideration of costings when manufacturing a product
  • Design and manufacture of model Siege weapon


  • Introduction to the concepts of;
    • Food science (e.g. gelatinization, aeration, raising agents etc)
    • Food provenance
    • The sustainability of food (e.g. Food miles)
    • Seasonal food
    • Food waste and food packaging
  • More advanced cooking techniques and technical food principles such as sauce making and bakery.
Year 9 overview


  • Building upon the pupils prior electronic knowledge into more advanced systems and circuits
  • Design and manufacture of an automatic night light
  • Utilising jigs and fixtures to aid accuracy in manufacturing
  • Application of graphic design principles to enhance the aesthetics of a product


  • Building upon students prior knowledge of CAD modelling software to generate 3D representations of a product and technical drawings
  • Introduction to more advanced, industry standard CAd packages
  • Manufacture of a bottle opener following an engineering drawing
  • Use of tolerances and fixtures to aid manufacturing accuracy


  • Introduction to the concepts of;
    • Food choices and special dietary requirements
    • Food and religion (e.g. Halal, Kosher)
    • Food and ethical/moral choices (e.g. Free range vs caged eggs)
    • Food intolerances (e.g. Coeliac disease)
    • Food labelling and food marketing
    • Food legislation
  • A range of challenging recipes are cooking testing and building upon the practical skills already learned by the students in previous years.


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