Subject Leader

Mr G Lomotey        


Mrs E Good            

Mr L Dent                  

Mrs C Hayward       

Miss A Dixon          

Subject Content



Curriculum Content
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Transition to secondary school

Healthy Choices

Raising aspirations



Bullying & Cyberbullying


Health & Wellbeing

Smoking & Alcohol

Puberty & Personal Hygiene

Relationships, Romance & stereotyping


Financial decisions

Civics (Yr 7 only) – focus on the rights and duties of citizenship. Including introduction to government & politics (UK and wider world) and current affairs.


Government & politics (political systems, parliament, voting systems, legislation)

Current affairs (pertinent issues, as they crop up and as time allows, such as  elections or foreign affairs)

Law & order (e.g. criminal justice system, sentencing)

Media in the UK (e.g. newspapers, fake news)

Migration & diversity

First Aid

Personal Safety

Managing peer influences/risk taking behaviour

Drug, alcohol & tobacco

Prejudice, stereotyping & discrimination

Extremism & Influence of Social Media & the Digital Age

Human rights, inc. FGM, Forced Marriages, children’s rights

Body image & FOMO

Emotional wellbeing

Sexuality & LGBTQ – FIT 

Financial education

Peer Pressure, Knives & Gang crime, 

Drugs + Law Education, 

Alcohol Awareness

Gambling + Online Gambling

Careers Development

Emotional Wellbeing

Growth Mindset

Body Image + The Media 

Selfies: Internet Safety


LGBTQ inc. focus on trans – tackling phobias & sexism

Healthy relationships inc. consent, contraception, STI’s, pornograph, domestic abuse

Enterprise project



Useful websites

Mindfulness for Teens –

Alcohol Education –