Subject Leader

Mrs G Hughes                     G.Hughes@beverleygrammar.co.uk


Mr S Tuohy                         S.Tuohy@beverleygrammar.co.uk

Miss T Maginn                    T.Maginn@beverleygrammar.co.uk

Subject Content


Curriculum Content
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
The Normans – invasion and impact.

Medieval Britain:

Richard the Lionheart

John – Magna Carta (power & the people)

Henry II – politics & religion (the state versus the church).

Black Death.

Peasants Revolt.

Hundred Years War & Agincourt 

World War I – causation & significance.

Early modern Britain:

Tudors – Henry VIII, the Reformation & John Fisher, Elizabeth & the Spanish Armada.

Stuarts – English Civil War & Cromwell


Exploration & the Slave Trade, China & the Opium Wars, Irish famine, Indian Mutiny, Africa & the Aglo-Zulu War.

Britain, c.1700-1900:

Industrialisation, Arkwright, Peterloo, legislation (Mines Acts), Suffragettes. 

World War II:

Dunkirk, Battle of Britain, Stalingrad & El Alamein, Dresden, Hiroshima.

Anti-semitism & the Holocaust


Spanish Civil War & the Battle of Cable Street

The Cold War:

Yalta & Potsdam, The Iron Curtain, Berlin Blockade & Airlift, Chinese Civil War & Revolution, Korea.



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