Subject leader:

Mr A Stevenson                        A.Stevenson@beverleygrammar.co.uk

KS4 coordinator:

Miss C Austin                            C.Austin@beverleygrammar.co.uk

KS3 coordinator:

Mrs H Kerins                           H.Kerins@beverleygrammar.co.uk


Mrs C Hardy                              C.Hardy@beverleygrammar.co.uk

Mr G Lomotey                          G.Lomotey@beverleygrammar.co.uk

Mr M Richardson                     M.Richardson@beverleygrammar.co.uk

Mrs C Ward                               C.Ward@beverleygrammar.co.uk

Miss J Staples                            J.Staples@beverleygrammar.co.uk


Subject content


Assessment system

English Assessment grid


Year 7 overview

  • “Trash” – Characterisation and Voice
  • Language exploration
  • The short story – a 19th Century perspective
  • Classic poetry – language and performance
  • English Language appreciation and the glory of grammar
  • Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives/creative writing

Year 8 overview

  • Aspects of the novel: wider contexts, genre and different viewpoints
  • Exploring poetry and approaching ‘unseen texts’
  • Introduction to Shakespeare
  • English Language appreciation and the glory of grammar
  • Viewpoints and perspectives, exploring non fiction texts
  • Whole text – Shakespeare

Year 9 overview

  • The 19th Century novel
  • AQA GCSE Poetry Anthology ( 5 poems)
  • Whole text – Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
  • Why study Literature?
  • Unseen poetry/comparisons
  • Independent reading project





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