Subject Leader

Mrs M Mullaney          


Mr P Gibson                  

Mrs A Nixey                  

Miss A Dixon                


Subject Content


Curriculum Content
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
What is Geography? (Human, Physical, Social, Economic and Environmental).

Map Skills- 4 and 6 figure grid references, map symbols, direction, longitude and latitude, atlas skills.

Tectonic Hazards- earthquakes, volcanoes, plate margins, causes, effects and responses. 

Urbanization- formation of settlements, push and pull factors, opportunities and challenges in cities, LIC, HIC, regeneration projects. 

Synoptic Topic- Africa

Maps skills, physical features, urban areas and development opportunities, natural hazards. 

River landscapes- water cycle, erosion, transportation, weathering, deposition, features, managing rivers (floods and effects). 

Population- growth, DTM, Pyramids, China, Migration, aging populations. 

Weather and Climate- clouds and rain, anticyclones, depressions, world climates. 

Synoptic Topic- Middle East

Map skills, physical features and climate, location of population and rivers, flooding and water management. Tourism, conflict and migration. 

Coasts- erosion, weathering, waves, deposition, land features, mass movement, use of coast, defences and types of management. 

Ecosystems- Small scale ecosystems, Biomes, Rainforests, Hot Deserts, Cold Environments (uses, opportunities, challenges, conflict and management). 

Resources Management- water, food and energy resources. 




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