Year 11 transition 2021

To all of our Year 11 students, we would like to take this opportunity to say a massive well done for navigating through the last two years under Covid-19 restrictions and then your recent flurry of assessments. You should be proud of all that you have achieved. As you complete your time at Beverley Grammar School, we want to ensure that you are aware of what resources and which staff are available to help you with the transition to your post-16 studies, whether it be A levels at J6 or Sixth Form college, other college studies, or an apprenticeship. Whilst you have earnt a well deserved rest, you also need to be thinking and planning the next steps. 

Preparing for Post-16 study

Whatever your post-16 plans, make sure you attend the open days for the institution you are hoping to attend. Check their websites and/or offer letters you have received as this will tell you about open days, induction days and subject taster events. If you are invited to an open day/ taster event and you cannot attend, let the course provider know so they can send you any key information. Several establishments expect you to complete summer work in preparation for starting your chosen course. Make sure you know what to study and when any summer work is to be completed. Making a good first impression is important so keep in touch with your chosen provider and be fully prepared to start your course on the first day.

The Beverley Grammar School and Beverley Joint Sixth websites have a wealth of super-curricular ideas that you can research and get involved with that will help to prepare you for the next steps as well as enhancing your portfolio. It is a good idea to keep a logbook of all the activities that you complete so you can refer  to them when writing personal statements for university or your curriculum vitae to go with any future work related applications.

Beverley Grammar School super-curricular

Beverley Joint Sixth super-curricular


You should also consider completing a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) These are free online courses that cover a wide range of topics from IT, Business, Data Science to Design. At the end of each course you will receive a certificate and these courses are widely recognised by universities and other academic institutions. They will also give new skills and knowledge that can support your post-16 studies and future plans.


GCSE pod transition & recap materials – On the front page of GCSE pod,,  you will find a link at the top, which say ‘Support key stage transition with our Getting ready for KS5’ workbooks, if you click this you will be directed to a wide range of tips and suggestions on how to make your transition from GCSE to A-level much easier.

  • Click view
  • Click Getting ready for KS5
  • This will direct you to ‘10 things to do to prepare for’ a particular subject.

If you are planning on starting a new subject at A level or feel you need a bit of a recap, GCSE pod can support you with reviewing GCSE topics you may not have studied or need to recap.  This will help bridge any gaps and build confidence.

All Year 11 students should still have their login details for GCSE pod, however, if you have forgotten it, please email Mrs Good,, who can reset the password.


Pastoral  support

All staff are available for you to contact if you have a question, concern or issue about anything. Remember, we are here for you. It is best to email the staff member you wish to contact and they can arrange a time to meet with you.

Head of Year 11 – Mrs Good

Child Protection Officer – Miss O’Leary b.o’

Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mr Williamson 


A Level study at Beverley Joint Sixth Form

Even if you are not attending J6, you are welcome to attend our Induction Days on Thursday 1 July and Friday 2 July. If you can’t attend the Induction Days, please contact us so we can arrange to make sure you receive any key information that is sent out. 

You can access the Beverley J6 website here:

Starting to prepare for A level study is key in making a good first impression. We will shortly be advertising the summer work for J6 students to complete. You are expected to complete this work and hand any assignments in during your first few lessons at J6. Here is the link for the summer work


On GCSE results day, if you have applied to J6 you will also receive an email from Rosie Field, Director of Sixth Form confirming your place at Beverley Joint Sixth Form. You will need to reply to this email to confirm your place. If you are intending to study A levels with another provider but change your mind and would prefer to attend J6, come and see us on results day to discuss your options. You can contact the BGS J6 team (Mrs Field, Mr Wright) or Mr Hamshaw at any time about your J6 application or if you have any further queries about sixth form study.

Director of Sixth Form – Mrs Field

BGS J6 Pastoral Manager – Mr Wright

Assistant Headteacher  – Mr Hamshaw



Mr Hamshaw and Mrs Darvell are all available for you to contact if you need further advice or support with your apprenticeship applications and interview preparation.

Careers Advisor – Mrs Darvell

Assistant Headteacher  – Mr Hamshaw



Mr Hamshaw and Mrs Darvell are all available for you to contact if you need further advice or support with your college applications and interview preparation.

Careers Advisor – Mrs Darvell

Assistant Headteacher  – Mr Hamshaw


General Careers Advice

If you are unsure where to go or have second thoughts about your post-16 studies, do contact Mrs Darvell for impartial advice about the options available to you. Email her to arrange a careers appointment. She will also be available on GCSE results day if you wish.

Careers Advisor – Mrs Darvell


Be proud of what you have achieved and look to the future as your next steps are exciting. Remember to get the best out of your post-16 studies, be organised and well planned. Don’t leave it until the last minute!

All the staff at Beverley Grammar School wish you well for the future and are here to support you through the next few months. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. All the very best for your post-16 studies whatever you are going to do.