93rd Annual Old Boys Dinner

The 93rd Annual Dinner of the Association will be held in the School Dining Hall on Saturday 14th December 2013.

We are now accepting expressions of interest for attending the dinner online. If you would like to be contacted about making a reservation, please fill in the form below.

Bar opens 17:45. Dinner 19:00 prompt. Reservations £27. Dress informal (lounge suit or equivalent)


Prawn Cocktail or Garlic Mushrooms

Roast Chicken Breast in Blue Cheese Sauce
Roast Potatoes
Seasonal Vegetables

Steamed Treacle Sponge
Vanilla Custard

Cheese Board
Mini Star Mince Pies

Coffee or Tea

Vegetarian Option

Garlic Mushrooms
Roast Vegetable and Blue Cheese Tart
Roast Potatoes
Seasonal Vegetables

All reservations must be paid for unless cancelled by Monday 9th December 2013.

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    • Patrick E Mackey (1974-1980) on November 28, 2014 at 11:18 am


    As one of many old boys who dutifully pays their annual fees and subscribes to the Old Boys’ annual Magazine i doubt that I am not alone in my disappointment at the lack of interest in the association by old boys under the age of 55. this is borne out by the dwindling number of attendees of the annual dinner over the last 30 years. If one examines the list of those there in recent years, it speaks volumes that there is virtually no one who went to the school past the mid 1960s! why is this the case? My experience of the Old Boys Association and the annual dinners over the last 30 years is that it it is terribly terribly BORING!!! It seems to be a little club consisting of die-hards from the 1950s and 60s that have no interest in change or indeed the survival of the association beyond their own tenure..

    Please do not get me wrong, I have every admiration for the efforts of the committee but, really gentlemen, you really need to pull something out of the hat as a matter of urgency. The association does not need to change beyond all recognition; some of the traditions of the association are as relevant today as ever – (and many are not!), Standing still is not an option. We must move with the times and identify ways to recruit old boys as they leave school at 18, not just rely upon middle aged men getting misty eyes and nostalgic over a long lost youth and returning to bosom of the association just for old time’s sake

    Where are my contemporaries (1974 – 80), or those that came after me on the committees or in attendance at the dinners? You have already forfeited a generation of supporters and fundraisers. Please don’t lose touch to the extent that your inaction caused the demise of the association.

    Patrick E Mackey

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